Speaker Insights with Sebastian Borgnia, CIO Brazil, Procter & Gamble

LATAM Digital Enterprise Festival Speaker Insights with Sebastian Borgnia, CIO Brazil, Procter & Gamble.

We recently caught up with Sebastian Borgnia, CIO Brazil at Procter & Gamble, Seba will be presenting at our Latin America Digital Enterprise Festival on the 10th December 2020 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

CIO’s, CTO’s, CDO’s, Innovation & Automation Leaders from LATAM’s most innovative Enterprise brands will be taking the stage to share their best insights into digital transformation, digitisation & technological innovation….. Government Of Brazil, Grupo Sofitas, Audi, Ministerio de Saude, Procter & Gamble, IBM, BR Distribuidora, TUI Brasil, Vivest, GRSA Compass Group, Bureau Veritas, Renault, BASF, Bayer, TCESP, BR Distribuidora, Estadao, Merieux NutriSciences & the International Association Of Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the confirmed Global brands presenting our agenda that will be discussing hot topics around AI & Automation, Tech, Data/Analytics & Customer Engagement are so far represented on the agenda with many more inspirational speakers to be confirmed soon.

The event has strict hygiene policies in place including temperature testing, socially distanced speaker session seating plans with schoolroom set up, multiple sanitation points, face masks as mandatory & one-way traffic flows in place.

To see the full speaker line-up & agenda go to www.digitalenterprisefest.com/latm

DEF – Being the CIO for Brazil, can you tell us what your main responsibilities are & what work your Company is involved in?

Seba- Lead IT and Digital strategy for Brazil Organization.

DEF – How have the P&G priorities changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Seba – Mostly accelerated to take advantage of needed digital capabilities.

DEF – What have been the main challenges delivering your IT operations with your team having to work from home?

Seba – Especially the IT team was prepared to work on the remote setup as we operate with multiple time zones and on Cloud. This didn’t represent a major challenge, but we increased our focus on daily cloud services monitoring to guarantee flawless operations.

DEF – What is your opinion on restarting the economy and how physical events can help?

Seba – This is another opportunity to disrupt ourselves and reinvent, virtual or physical we will accommodate to always work on the best possible value for our consumers, customers, influencers and employees. We are looking forward to more hybrid arrangements.


“DEF – How do you think that the Brazilian enterprise ecosystem is prepared to recover & move forward from the recent pandemic?

Seba – In the case of P&G, we were working and investing in cloud and scaled enterprise operations, so we are ready to support business growth on daily bases. Besides this, we have been working with HR, Innovation team and Health team to improve work through technology giving the best solutions, current environment, where a global pandemic has created greater distance between people, connectivity is more important than ever before.

DEF – Brazil is ranked near the bottom of the Digital Competitiveness leagues tables, why, in your expert opinion, is Brazil behind & what can it do to become more competitive?

Seba – Brazil is a very broad and rich ecosystem, different players are at different levels of maturity so there is no common silver bullet in my opinion. Each case needs to be properly analyzed and strategy defined.

DEF – How has Retail Execution Tech changed in the last years & which tech do you see further innovating & disrupting the Customer Experience?

Seba – Retail Execution technology had a major upgrade around how to better activate and consume insights coming from corporate data and analytics platforms at scale. This augments and increases overall intelligent for our Sales reps and customers at the point of sale to drive better and more granular execution. New technologies around, virtualization of some business processes, VR/AR can be of great help, for the next wave of transformation.

DEF – As an IT leader driving innovative solutions, in your opinion, which technologies will now help companies to thrive in the “new normal” world?

Seba – Evolve data strategy and digital ecosystems around consumer experiences to better serve our consumers and shoppers.

DEF – In your experience, what are the vital components to successful large-scale Digital Transformation projects? (Board buy-in, correct employee skills etc, etc)?

Seba – Increase business agility deeply adopting Agile on organization culture, processes and tools. Additionally, every employee digital upskilling is already core.

DEF – You will be presenting in our LATAM Digital Enterprise Fest in São Paulo. What will the attending executives learn from your talk “Architecture Of Digital Transformation At Scale”?

Seba – Learn practical examples on how to Architect and scale the different components of Digital Transformation in a large enterprise ecosystem.

Thank you for your valued industry insights Seba, much appreciated!

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