Lee Glazier – Rolls Royce

Lee is a member of the EU AI Experts Group and helps lead the continual development of the Artificial Intelligence Vision at Rolls-Royce to enable tangible business value. He also created the Rolls-Royce process and framework for Governing AI Ethics and Data Ethics collaborating with HR, Ethics, Data Scientists, Manufacturing and the Trades Unions. This has now been released publicly under Creative Commons Licence as the Aletheia Framework™. He understands the value stream associated with extracting the value out of big data, digital integration across the complete life-cycle and the digital twin.

He has experienced the challenge of being in the middle of transforming businesses into the cloud – with all the necessary protection to ensure compliance with regulations (e.g. export control, GDPR etc), and balancing innovation and ethics integrity.

Specialties: Managing Projects and teams of extreme complexity and edge capabilities. Lee is also experienced in the pragmatic application of Systems Engineering techniques, and managing the challenge of ensuring that High Performance Computing delivers business benefit.

Experienced in Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear, Marine, Railways and Research.

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