LATAM Digital Enterprise Virtual Festival Speaker Interview – Andre Martins Silva Eli Lilly & Co

Before our forthcoming LATAM Digital Enterprise Virtual Festival, we grabbed some time with one of our Keynote speakers, Andre Martins Silva, IT Hub Leader at Eli Lilly & Company.

Andre will be speaking on our AI & Automation track about “Benefits From Automation & Productivity In Customer Engagement”

The festival is Live on Airmeet from 1pm BRT on the 1st & 2nd June 2021, to see our agenda & reserve a FREE event pass goto – 

DEF – As IT HUB Leader for Brazil, what does a typical day look like for you?

AS – Meetings with business leader to understand and live their challenges and goals and provide them Technological strategic support with innovation and agility.

Meetings with global It teams to align the technical strategy and leverage our internal capabilities.

Meetings with IT team to guide, support and develop talents.

DEF – What are the biggest challenges around digital transformation & how can organisations better manage this transition?

AS – I can say that the biggest challenger until beginning 2019 was the adoption, however, after the forced adoption by pandemic situation, the current challenge is how to organize and take the benefits of this digital transformation, because a lot of initiatives were implemented without a solid strategy.

To manage this transition well, is fundamental to back to the company goals/objective and guarantee that this transformation is driving the company to this point.

DEF – Can you explain in your own experience, the impact and opportunities for the enterprise sector with the current pandemic?

AS – Even for health care companies the impact on sales and growth were significant, however we speed the digital mindset on the organization, and the modernization of future of work. we left this prepared to growth faster as before, for sure.

DEF – Being at the forefront of emerging tech & having access to the latest industry solutions, which tech excites you for the year ahead?

AS – Well, hard to choose, but I can mention, Automation, AI and Cognitive

DEF – You will be having a session at our Latam Digital Enterprise Virtual Fest on the 1st & 2nd  June, live on Airmeet. What will the attending executives learn from this session?

AS – How technology could be strategic to improve customer engagement and achieve company goals. My expectation is, to leverage CIO position to a high strategic member on business discussions.

Great insights Andre, we look forward to your session in 2 weeks time!

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